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Liko Digital, like technology

Company profile

Liko Digital wants to be synonymous with technology and innovation. The goal that we are aiming for is to supply tools and products capable of satisfying the need for visibility and usability in a time where technology is always more present in our everyday lives. For this the reason we have chosen products with and elegant yet simple design, with intuitive functionalities that are able to adapt to different fields of application.

The product selection process is a long and meticulous one, and has the scope of identifying the best possible operative solutions to fully satisfy our clients’ needs. The opportunities offered by Liko Digital are broad and versatile and are adaptable in different contexts and environments, from schools to health services, from public administration to museum exhibitions, including large-scale retail and tourism industries. Companies, schools, medical centres, supermarkets, all have different needs and specific requirements: Liko Digital products offer the right compromise between cutting-edge technology and are easy to use.


All the multimedia products selected by Liko Digital are equipped with the latest generation LCD displays, that give a sharp and clear vision from all angles. Furthermore, the touch-screen functionality transforms the hardware into an interactive device for multiple applications. The outdoor machines are purposely designed to resist any atmospheric condition and guarantee maximum visibility whatever the external light conditions might be. These are our conventional products however, Liko Digital can also offer a full range of futuristic devices, such as digital touch-screen film for shop windows, interactive mirrors and 3 dimensional holograms.


The world of communication and advertisment is constantly evolving which is why Liko Digital products are able to satisfy requirements related to cutting-edge technology. The solutions offered cover a wide range of applications and are able to adapt to the varying needs of each different environment. Products like these can help re-invent the way of teaching a class at university, conducting a business meeting or arranging exhibition space in a showroom. This is precisely where Liko Digital’s strength lies – the ability to adapt to all kinds of different situations, in order to always keep up with a constantly evolving world.